Save Time and Hassle with the Best Offline Password Managers

Looking for an easy-to-use offline password manager? Our team conducted a study comparing the number of steps required for initial setup and adding a new account. Based on our findings, Keepassium and Zero password manager had the fewest steps with just 12 and 14 respectively. In contrast, some popular offline password managers such as KeepPass (23), Enpass (19), and Password safe (18) required more steps.

Review standards:

We evaluated popular password managers based on Reddit users’ recommendations (Enpass, One Key, KeePass, Keepass DX, KeePassium, KeePass XC, One Key, Password Safe and Zero Password Manager) and compared them based on the least number of steps required for setup and adding a new account.


To make things clear, there are a few things to note when counting the steps in these two procedures:

  • Every click counts as a step. For instance, clicking the box and entering the password are counted as two separate steps.

  • The steps of setting up were counted from the first time the app was opened after downloading.

  • Using the same master passwords.

    To ensure a fair comparison, we used the same strong master password for all password managers during our review, as some managers give hints on password strength which could affect the results.

  • When saving a new account, only three basic elements (title(, username(Linda), and password(Tiger80$1326)) are required. This is because it is difficult to standardize the diverse content that users store in different accounts.

Review results:

The table below clearly shows a significant variation in the number of steps required to set up different offline password managers. KeePassium and Zero Password Manager require only 4 or 6 steps respectively, while Enpass and KeePass need up to 11 or 12 steps, which could be frustrating for some users and affect their overall experience.

Adding a new account does not show a significant difference between the password managers. The ones that prompt the user to confirm the password tend to have more steps than others, like Password Safe and KeePass.

Password ManagerTotal stepsSteps to set upSteps to add an new account


Zero password manager

One key

KeePass XC

KeePass DX

Password safe




Usability security

Usability(Mary Theofanos) is a critical factor in determining the success of a product. It ensures that users can efficiently and effectively achieve their goals, while also ensuring their satisfaction. The term “usable security proposed by Gary McGraw and John Viega, refers to the level of security that can be achieved without compromising usability.

In our review, we found that offline password managers such as KeePassium and Zero Password Manger offer better usability by enabling users to set up and add accounts with fewer steps. On the other hand, KeePass and Password Safe, password managers used in desktops, require more steps, which could negatively impact users’ ability to securely save their passwords.


When entering the URLs of various websites, we discovered that some offline password managers, such as Enpass, One Key, and Zero Password Manager, offer users a range of templates, each with different features. The use of templates allows users to save URLs more efficiently. For instance, with Zero Password Manager, users don’t need to enter the entire URL.

During the review, we found that Enpass had the template for the test account (Facebook) under “Login” category, which meant that users didn’t have to take any extra steps to enter the app name.

Biometrics Authentication

During our review, we found that most offline password managers available on mobile devices offer biometric authentication options such as fingerprint and facial recognition (e.g., Enpass, OneKey, and Zero Password Manager), while those designed for desktop use only support master passwords, such as KeePass, KeePass DX, and Password Safe. Additionally, the user interface of most offline password managers used on mobile devices is more user-friendly compared to those designed for desktop use.

While the setting procedures for biometric authentication options vary among the offline password managers available for mobile devices, we decided to use master passwords as the common denominator to ensure consistency in our results. However, it is important to note that using biometric authentication can significantly reduce the number of steps required for login.


The usability of other functions was not involved in this review, and the conclusion does not equate to the usability of the entire product.


If you’re looking for an easy-to-use offline password manager, our study shows that Zero Password Manager and Keepassium require the fewest steps for initial setup and adding a new account. However, it’s important to note that some popular password managers like KeePass DX, KeePass XC, and KeePass require more steps. It’s crucial to find the right password manager that fits your needs and experience level to keep your data safe and secure. Additionally, it’s worth noting that different password managers may require varying steps to save additional elements like attachments, which could impact your experience.