Intuitive user interface

Straightforward, easy-to-use interface is vital for user experiece. Let‘s check their password managers’ password generator pages from different aspects, like their layout, words, icons, etc. Is it easy to understand? Easy for users to generate passwords quickly?

Bitwarden: 10 stars

  • a clear layout (only consists of three main colors: blue, black, and grey)
  • the instructions are easy to understand
  • the icons are easy to recognize

Enpass: 6 stars

  • Lost 2 stars for the buttons “Minimum” and “Exactly” (see “1” in the screenshot below).

    At first sight of this page, we were confused about these two buttons. Having tried several times, we found a warning that it failed to generate passwords since the length of characters is longer than the password length. Until this moment did we realize the meaning behind these two buttons. When we chose “Exactly”(as shown in the picture below), there were directly two uppercase, three digits, and four symbols in the password.

  • Lost 2 star for “Exclude” and “Include” (See “2” in the screenshot below )

    • 1 star for its ambiguous feature

      Since they shared the similar struture, we thought “Exclude” and “Include” would effect the “Ambiguous Characters” like “”Minimum” and “Exactly” did to “Uppercase”. But, the buttons of “Exclude” and “Include” did not have an effect on “Ambiguous Characters”!

    • 1 star for unclear range of special characters (See “3” in the screenshot below )

      By clicking the grey characters next to the buttons of “Exclude and Include”, users can enter some special characters. But it made us frustrated for the unclear range of special characters.

      It allowed us to enter some special characterscters like @?, but refused characters like ”|.

Overall, Enpass only got 6 stars here.

LastPass: 10 stars

  • a clear layout

  • the instructions are easy to understand

  • the icons are easy to recognize

KeePassium: 9 stars

  • lost 1 star for the icons
  • From the picture below, there are three icons for each option of password, which are “*”, “✔️” “-“. These icons are not common and not easy to figure out their meanings. Therefore it lost 1 star here.


Keepass DX: 9 stars

  • lost 1 star for too many options

    Similar situation can be seen in KeePass DX. It mades shocked users with so many options at the first sight. There are 13 options choosing characters, while some of them would be useless to users. Therefore it lost 1 star here.


KeePass XC : 9 stars

  • lost 1 star for too many options

    It made us feel overwhelming so many options(14 options!) at first sight. However, most of them might be useless since there is no rules can satisfy all website’s requirements due to the difference among websites.


Zero Password Manager : 10 stars

  • a clear layout

  • the items were easy to understand

  • the buttons were easy to recognize