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Zero Password Manager

 A true offline and secure password manager with  6 layers of protection. It has a nice UI and tons of features.


6 layers of protection

Users’ passwords are eccrypted and stored locally and will never be uploaded to servers in any form.

Without users’ biometerics or master password, bad guys cannot view users’ passwords when picking up your phone.

ID Guard Offline does not store your master password. It derives a true key from your master password to encrypt your data.

When using ID Guard Offline for the first time, it generates a secure  encryption key using the security chip (Secure Enclave) on your phone and encrypts all your passwords with they key.

The encryption key is not derived from any piece of your data nor your master password. So it is impossible to crack your encryption key even if the hacker knows your master password.

The encryption key is protected by the security chip on your phone, the same security chip protecting your emulated bank cards.

Utilizinf the security chip makes sure that your encrypted passwords can only be deciphered on your phone.

Even if hackers steal your data by exploiting vulnerailities or “bad” cables, or even get your master password, he/she still cannot get your passwords.

ID Guard Offline keeps the encrypted data on internal storage, a sandbox protected by the system, which can not be accessed by other apps.

Even you install bad apps by incidents, they cannot read your data, the encrypted data. 

The one you need, the one in deed

One-time Password Authenticator

Back up one-time passwords (OTP) and restore them on another smartphone easily.

Autofill with Only 2 Taps

With an desktop extension, it only needs one second to fullfill the password securely.

Strong Password generators

Tag what you wanna tag!

Difficult to choose a category?

Just add all the tags you like.

Users can add  accounts to the same tag directly!

Customized Templates

Hundreds of templates are provided, helping users to save relevance information conviently. 

Custom Account Logo

Users could choose to use their own pictures or the template it provides.

Keep Attachments

Cannot get your Apple ID back because of missing proof of purchase?

No more worry. Save your receipts here from now on.

ID Guard Offline supoports adding various attachmennts

More features

Automatic lock

Backup & Restore

Biometric login

Easy import from Myki

Import Passwords

Import passwords in Chrome CSV format quickly. No need to input them one by one.



Updated in one past year

Available platforms

Requires iOS 12.1 or later.
Requires iPadOS 12.1 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 12.1 or late

Chrome, Firefocx;Edge;