Can use, and even choose special characters?

Today special characters play an essential role in passwords. An increasing number of websites require special characters in passwords, even some specific characters. Next, we reviewed seven password managers’ settings about special characters.

Bitwarden: 5 stars

– Only has 8 special characters available;

– Not allow users to choose special characters freely



Enpass: 8 stars

– Allows users to enter some special symbols

– After tapping “More Options”, users are allowed to enter some special symbols like !@. But some symbols (like ” )are not allowed. It might confuse users without a clear range of special symbols. Meanwhile, it is also inconvenient for users to type the special symbols by themselves. Therefore it lost 2 stars here.

LastPass: 5 stars

– It generates passwords with special symbols randomly. (After 10 times trying, it found it uses the similar symbols with Bitwarden, including $!@%^&*,.)

– Not allowed to choose

KeePassium : 8 stars

– provided limited symbols by default

– users can include or exclude any characters they want by typing (It is not easy for users to type special symbols by themselves, therefore it lost 1 star here. )

KeePass DX : 8 stars

– Too many groups of symbols(lost 1 star here)

Some might argue that KeePass DX, KeePass XC, and KeePassium offer different groups of special characters. It seems convenient since users can also click to choose. But it is impossible that these options can suit for any websites’ requirements, and thus these options might be useless.

– Typing special characters in person one by one (lost 1 star here)

Users can quickly enter the ideal symbols, even digits or letters. But typing special characters in person one by one? You would prefer to avoid it .

KeePass XC : 8 stars

(the similar situation with KeePass DX)

Zero Password Manager: 10 stars

– Users can use all the symbols

– Allow users to choose symbols freely

– Easy to choose (only with one click)