Avoid ambiguous characters

As mentioned before, avoiding ambiguous characters is helpful for users, especially when entering the password by users themselves. We tried each password generator ten times to see whether any ambiguous characters(0(zero) , Oo(oh), 1(one) , I(uppercase i), l (lowercase L), and|(special symbol ) ) exist.

Bitwarden: 9 stars

Bitwarden has the feature to avoid ambiguous characters. Even with this feature, there is one password having the ambiguous characters in ten times’ tried. Therefore it lost one star.

Enpass: 7 stars

The screenshot below showed us that Enpass offers the feature, excluding the ambiguous features. However, three passwords having (0(zero)/ Oo(oh) in the test even we had used the feature to exclude ambiguous characters. Therefore it lost 3 stars.

LastPass: 10 stars

What interesting was there was no ambiguous features shown during the text, although there was no avoiding ambiguous features shown in LastPass. It seemed that LastPass just deleted these ambiguous characters from all the passwords it generated.

KeePassium: 10 stars

KeePassium has the feature to avoid ambiguous characters. With this feature, we found no ambiguous characters in the passwords during the test. Therefore it got 10.

KeePass DX: 10 stars

Similar to the settings of KeePassium, it generated 10 suitable passwords with the feature “exclude ambiguous characters”.

KeePass XC: 10 stars

With the feature of avoiding ambiguous characters, we found there are no ambiguous characters. Therefore, it got 10.


Zero Password Manager: 7 stars

Zero Password Manager did not have the feature(avoiding ambiguous characters) either. In ten times’ tried, we found three passwords with the ambiguous characters.