Dragging the thumb of the seeker bar or just pressing the button, which one is a better method to change password length?

1. Can the password generators generate passwords with mixed letters, numbers, and digits?
2. Is it easy for users to choose the composition of passwords?

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Essential features for the review are from the three following aspects.
– requirements of most websites (to create suitable passwords in daily life);
– experts’ advice (to create strong passwords);
– users’ needs (intuitive and make-life-easier).

After comparing the free password generators of seven password managers, we found that Zero Password Manager performed better than any other password manager in the review. KeePassXC, KeePassDX, KeePassium, and Enpass followed. Next came the LastPass and Bitwarden.

Everyone should use a password manager since no one can remember all the passwords.
But how do they actually work? This paper gives the detailed description of how password managers save and protect passwords.

why do so many security researchers suggest giving up autofill though it seems convenient? Because there are so many flaws of it, like Mathias Karlsson, a security researcher, found a shocking bug in URL parsing when studying the autofill function of the LastPass browser extension in 2016.

Unlike offline password managers, online password managers transport the vault among different devices on the Internet. This requires users’ personal information and stores the vault on cloud serve. This whole process naturally exposes more attack surfaces.