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Is the password manger you  are using really offline? Are you really know about them? Have you found the most suitable one for yourself?

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How does password manager protect my passwords?

Nowadays, password managers are getting more and more popular. But how do they work in fact? Are password managers safe? Can we trust password managers?  

This passage tries to answer this question from the basic rules of password managers. 

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Online VS offline password managers?

Unlike offline password managers, online password managers transport the vault among different devices on the Internet. This requires users’ personal information and stores the vault on cloud serve. This whole process naturally exposes more attack surfaces.

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Best Offline Password Managers


A great many of research about password managers by security experts or researchers. 

Ayush Agarwal et al. (2022)

Password managers in the browsers are  safe enough and there is no need to use a “Password Manager” ??

Tavis Ormandy (2021.06)

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